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ELISA FANTI introduce its brand news SHOWROOM in Milan,

via Montenapoleone 14

The ELISA FANTI universe has always had very broad boundaries: this is confirmed by the entrepreneur Mario Martelli, sole director of the brand, who – with the new project of ELISA FANTI Showroom Milan – has imagined: “a new exhibition formula, to accompany customers in a magnificent journey-story made of emotion, dialogue, and cultural exchange. The aim is to create a space dedicated to the Maison Collection and create a deep connection between structure, garments and fabrics “. Not just a showroom, therefore, but a meeting place where the tradition of the fashion house looks above all at the future.


The exhibition space of ELISA FANTI, located on the third floor? plan of a noble building of 1900? spread over an area of 150 square meters ?, and is crossed by large spaces to be discovered. The interior of the atelier has been kept chromatically neutral, therefore only white, black, and some details in gold: these are the three colors that make up the narrative of the brand, in line with the values of authenticity that make appreciate the refinement of each creation exposed.